Sunday, February 24, 2008

"this notion of nostalgia..."

ARCH 470

Feedback on ARUP lecture

Notion of Nostalgia (consumer?)

How do you place value system for sustainability, nostalgia and this notion of single authorship?

Green as a word

- efficiency or profitability

- no means excess

-Context (Rec.evil that prevents us from moving forward)

china vs. hong kong

Sustainable technology in place

- politics

Beyond nostalgia (society celebrates it today)

-Single authorship (congruent or separate)

(in Paul’s opinion) In the US, nostalgia does sell- but questions the value system- is it random?

Why does society do this? Longing, recalling, cherishing

In your opinion, how is value placed on these global phenomenons?


My Thoughts on Nostalgia

our past/tradition/familiarity/comfort

it may seem celebrated today- but only as people begin to realize the rate at which change is taking place today.

Take advancing technology (as a whole), for instance. However great it is, one may find disadvantages that also come along with it. Some relative variants, that differ from person to person, regarding such adaptation and speak of nostalgia include:


-expense aspect

-threatening to that sense of the past

-overwhelming pace rate-find it hard to keep up

-new somewhat denies history- or the original practice/craft/how or way something was once done before

Such notions as these are derived from society. Where each person has an individual sense of one’s own self- meaning, one’s own values. Which is a personal collection that is nostalgic in nature, for every single one of us.

Values- who we are (a part of us)

Simply stated, every past experience, feeling and thought, for each of us personally, make up the very person we are today, or at any given moment; and have affect on who we ultimately become.

The analysis of a subject’s state reveals it's past,

Speaks of its nature, references any values and should relay a sense of identity of/for that which in question. (the subject in question)


It’s the same with architecture-

That which is built usually begins with that which is precedented. The past has an undeniable influence on the present, thus the future.

History repeats itself. As do our thoughts, better known as memories. And the most precious ones, well, that’s what we refer to as nostalgia.

So nostalgic conditions can bring relativity for all. And that scale on which all relate, in turn, results in this “global phenomena”. Reflection, sentimental or not, is healthy; because to remember something stands for change. And anything living is changing. So this notion of recollection actually enforces growth.

A favorite quote of mine, that Volcom Clothing happens to use a lot, is:
'the only constant is change'

anyhow, in my own regards to the past, i find its okay to glance---don’t stare.

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