Friday, February 22, 2008

Who Am I?...

To let my peers in Arch 470 know who I am, I will be sharing one of my passions with them, Film. I have always been in love with movies and the whole process of making them. I, by no means will ever work in the film industry but I just like making them. Since I was in middle school and got my first video camera for Christmas, I was hooked on filming everything. I have over 150 full tapes of random footage since then and still continue to film things. Most of the time, my buddies and I would film our adventures, pranks, or even just dumb conversations. But I started exploring editing equipment in the beginning of high school. That was when my intentions with my camera became more “disciplined.” We started filming original movies where scripts were written and my actors (friends) rehearsed prior to filming. That was the start of my love for making movies and sharing them with everybody. As the years past and my reputation at school for making movies grew, more people wanted to be in them and more people even asked me to help direct their films for classes and festivals.

Today I think all of the movies I have ever made are actually really bad, but watching all the countless hours of unedited footage reminds me why I loved making movies so much: I am addicted to creating something out of nothing. I have realized that the final products were not my favorite part, but the tedious process that it took to make each one. I loved working with different people which allowed me to expand my perspective on so many things in the process. And as I left high school, I started realizing that it wasn’t movies I loved making, but actually simply creating.

I plan to share my story with my peers in class in form of a presentation by gathering several clips from my actual films as well as candid moments, and creating a PowerPoint presentation which will let everyone know how I have grown as a person over the years. By doing so, several of my interests will be exposed and even some of the fads I went through in the process. Everyone has a different story to tell and a different way to share it. It just turned out that by taking my camera everywhere I went, I ultimately made my life a movie.

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