Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What is Architecture and how it applies to me?

I used to have a clear understanding of what the word “architecture” meant, however, as I went through the last 4 years of college, my perception of the word “architecture” has changed and has deepened in meaning. In the beginning I merely understood architecture as a profession or a field of study. However, I came to a realization that it is more than just a profession or a field of study.
I think architecture exists in many different areas of profession, study, and life in general. Architecture can be applied to anyone who create something of their own or from their own minds, which I think applies to everyone in this earth. Everyone makes and creates something everyday, including the tangibles and intangibles. Therefore, I think everyone can be an architect in this sense. For example, everyone is unique in their own ways in creating their own thoughts and actions from their own experiences, backgrounds, and culture. As one constructs a thought and follow through in action, this process I think can be called “architecture.” They are architects of their lives. Coming back to more of a tangible example, I think almost all the designing professions follow what is called “architecture.” I think architecture includes not only physical buildings that can be built, but also includes constructing design patterns in fashion design, constructing product design, constructing a plot or a story for a movie and so on.
In the Bible, and also by many theologians God has been described as the great architect of this earth. I think God is definitely the great architect and because God made us in reflection of his own image that we are given the ability and opportunity to somehow mimic or follow what he has done in a lot of a smaller scale.

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